CulinaryWhat we offer

Our cuisine is based on authentic homemade dishes with local characteristics of Brkini and Trieste cuisine. Most of our food, such as meat and vegetables, is home-grown or produced at home. Our dishes have a special flavour – a flavour only our grandmothers could have conjured on the old furnaces. In addition to the wide range of local specialities we also offer some of our homestead specialities.

Roasted meatPrepared in furnace or on the hearth

We prepare delicious roasted meat from the furnace daily. Our main chef Damjan lights the furnace every day early in the morning so that the temperature for roasting is just right. Before baking he seasons the meat and puts it in a big cast iron pan together with some onion and homemade lard and covers it with a bell-shaped lid. He puts the lid in the furnace and covers it with coal so that the meat can bake slowly. The meat from the furnace is evenly baked, juicy, soft and very tasty.

Dried meatDomestic production

We rear our own pigs from spring until it is time for slaughtering. On our big estate they enjoy the shade of trees and mud baths. We only feed them with different vegetables, fruits and cereals. This type of diet and living on the fresh air give our meat products an authentic flavour. We dry prosciutto and other meat delicacies in our home drying room situated just behind the restaurant.

ChickenDomestic breeding

We breed our own chickens just above the village. Domestic chicken meat has a fuller taste and it is softer and juicier. We prepare battered chicken legs, thighs or wings and grilled chicken breasts.